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Estate Planning and Elder Law 101

Estate Planning and Elder Law 101

October 16, 2020

“There’s not a silver bullet out there that will eliminate court under any and all circumstances.” Join Tim Bounds, Attorney at Evans Case, LLP as he discusses the “proverbial Turkish rug” and Long Term Care with your host, Melissa Anderson. If you’ve ever wondered what Estate Planning and Elder Law means, Tim and Melissa provide clear and concise explanations to help you plan for longevity and take care of your loved ones. 

In this episode, Tim gives insight into how lawyers today are adapting to a new rhythm of connecting to clients. While Zoom meetings were born out of necessity, Tim reflects on the convenience it provides for clients and how it respects their time. Innovatively incorporating technology during today’s climate has opened the runway for Tim and other Estate Planning lawyers to continue their work in keeping your family out of court and out of conflict. 

Listen in as Tim and Melissa address an ugly truth: at times, conflict is inevitable. Unfortunately, siblings fight and wills remain unwritten. Tim cracks open the door behind the courtroom and provides insight into what goes on inside of a Judge’s head when they see family members fighting. How can you and your family avoid fighting over the “proverbial Turkish rug”? Tim and Melissa answer this question by addressing their best practices keeping arguments outside of the courtroom, especially when it comes to the care of children.

As a mother, Melissa shares the same feelings that you do about protecting your children. As a lawyer who specializes in Estate Planning, Melissa works with younger families planning for the future of their children. Combining her experience as a mom and a lawyer, Melissa provides a comfortable space to help you address important questions such as:

  • Who in your life has the same ethos as you?
  • Should you pair your children up with a couple? What if they get divorced?

Melissa's goal for young families is to keep their children out of foster care.

Specializing in Elder Law, Tim guides your family as you find a path to care for your loved ones who may require long term care and/or long term insurance. Tim expounds on the options available from in-home meal prep to varying degrees of long term care facilities. Tim reviews financing options and questions to meditate on as you contemplate how long term care can be personalized for each individual's needs.

Stay tuned for tips for charitable planning and how to identify organizations you may want to include in your will and trust.



  • “Give yourself peace of mind and leave this legacy to your family.”
  • “There’s not a silver bullet out there that will eliminate court under any and all circumstances.”
  • “Judges really really love when people come in and fight over the proverbial Turkish rug.”
  • “Why not plan for longevity and not burden my family as well?”


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